The Map Project

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About The Map Project, Lafayette Series:

  • City data is collected from multiple sources
  • ARC Mapping with the help of environmental scientists, revised in Photoshop, prepared for project
  • Location data adjustments and map details developed in Excel, Google Spreadsheets, Google Fusion Tables, and Google GeoCoding
  • GeoCode Pins used to locate street grid map and apply color to ARC Map image by hand

Map Drawing for Hush Puppy

Chicago Research GeoCoded
Barrett Chicago Research GeoCoding with Google Fusion Tables

Barrett Boston Research GeoCodingBarrett Boston Research GeoCoding with Google Fusion Tables


    • Chicago Data Table


Boston, drawing draft with city expansion
Boston, gang study
Boston, gang study. Map based abstract, Graphite Powder, wax, sumi ink. Based on D.Kennedy papers, Don’t Shoot (book)
Mission Hill, gang study. Alliance and Conflict Grid  in graphite wax understudy
Mission Hill, gang study. based on Alliance and Conflict Grid. D.Kennedy research paper. graphite wax understudy with string/pin parameter guides. Installation view  MassArt gallery over looking Mission Main (which is in top left quadrant).